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              AIRBASE' is a make-up designed for use within beauty salons.



















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Using an airbrush for application it can be applied quickly with flawless results.

Silicon based, it takes the durability of film make-up and combines it with the practicability

of everyday make-up. Its weightless finish makes it ideal for any occasion.

More than just a Make-Up-

Having developed a make-up that worked perfectly it was important to ensure it contained

ingredients that not only optimize performance, but are also good for the skin.





  • Vitamin A - To improve elasticity of the skin and temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines.

  • Vitamin E - To moisture and repair. An antioxidant it acts as an agent to de-active aggressive

  • free radicals, terminating damaging chain reactions and protecting cells from free radical injury 

  • Light Defusing Properties - To deliver a flawless finish and ensure that you look great whatever you occasion.


Airbase range contains 7 different foundations, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer, 2 micro finish powders and all the accessories and comes with full professional training.


NEW:  Airbase Lipgloss set: 'Laid Bare Lip Gloss, 6 pc and 'DITA Van Diva Lip Gloss.

Also new are the Eyeshadow pallettes:

Satin Eyeshadow collection, 40 pc, Pearl Eyeshadow collection 40 pc, Vivid Eyeshadow pallette, 6 pc and Concealer Palette, 6 pc.


  • Why do we use an Airbrush?



  • Airbrushing is the future of make-up applications in Beauty Salons. The results seen using the method in nails and tanning has prompted the professional to look for other areas where such perfection and quick, easy application can be enjoyed. Not only can airbrushing produce 'Ai' light application, but it also allows pin point accuracy making it perfect for make-up application.


  • -Airbase delivers the Perfect Result:

    * Flawless Finish* Weightless  * Allows your skin to breathe  * Long lasting  * No touch-up required  *Silicon Based  * Looks smooth and natural  *  *Used by Oscar Nominated make-up artists!

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