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                            Why Aviva Labs?


Aviva Labs is the only company on the market whose solution is alcohol free,fragrance free, oil free. and contains only 13 ingredients. That is why Dermatologists love Aviva!


Why don’t you want oils, alcohols, and fragrances in your solution?


  • Oils make the solution sticky and tacky feeling

  • Alcohols dry out your skin

  • Fragrance oils can have allergens in them (nuts, gluten, etc.)

  • If you have sensitive skin: oils, alcohols, and fragrances can actually cause you to break out into acne, blackheads, and could cause other skin issues.

We want to make sure you are making the right decision for the right reasons—not being tricked into buying something you don’t actually need. With that in mind, we’ve set up an unbiased advice journal written to help you make the most educated choices possible.

Only with Aviva, can you rest easy in knowing that you will be getting the best training, the best solution, and the best customer service in the industry! When it comes to your business, why would you settle for anything else?


Original Tan in 8, 10 and 12 % DHA:

Our Original 8% solution is perfect for fair-skinned clients. Because this skin type has a reddish undertone, we have designed Original 8% with that in mind. The result? A natural-looking, even, beautiful tan that looks flawless from start to finish. We also have stronger Originals with the same beautiful tone that can provide a deeper, darker than if they want to go that route.

Gimme Brown Solutions in 8,10 and 12 % DHA:

Gimme Brown 10% is one of our biggest sellers. This solution has been carefully formulated to ensure a rich, brown undertone once it has set. Great for darker-skinned clients, or fair-skinned clients who want to go a little bit darker than an Original. Gimme Brown offers that deep, velvety tan that everyone can appreciate, which is probably what makes it so popular! 


Aviva City tans/ Express and Super Express tans:

Our City Tan Collection has quickly become our hottest item. These are our rapid tans: they set in as little as 30 minutes with a flawless finish that is perfect for nights on the town, surprise dates, or important events like prom and graduation. Fast drying and fast setting for the client who wants to look their best, but also wants to be worry free

Available: Hollywood for a Golden Brown tan, Vegas for a reddish desert brown colour, Miami, a darker Carribean tan and Honolula for a perfect brown tan.

Also available: Wash-of stage tans with NO DHA, in Atlas for Body Builders,

Stage Tan for performers and Tango for Dancers etc.






to choose for AVIVA Labs spray Tanning Solutions:

As a salon or spa owner, the more you know about sunless tanning,

the better your services and the more thrilled your clients will be.

At Aviva Labs, we want to share our years of sunless tanning industry

experience to help you build your successful business.  Many sunless

solution brands are afraid to tell you the truth, but you should know

them if you want to differentiate your salon or spa with the best service

and performance.




1.         Aloe Vera is bad in sunless Tanning Solutions.

We all know Aloe Vera is a good ingredient in many skincare products. It has great moisturizing properties. And since the DHA in sunless tanners tends to dry out the skin, most sunless solutions contain Aloe Vera. But don't be fooled into thinking that it's good in sunless tanners. It's not.

Fact is that Aloe Vera is an oil-based ingredient. Such solutions are thick, sticky, and can take up to 20 minutes to dry. Because of its very thick and sticky consistency, it is much harder to clean off walls and floors after spraying. It can clog airbrushes and spray guns more frequently. And your clients may complain about stained clothes and bed sheets.                                                                                                                                  

  -AVIVA Labs has taken a very different approach. To counter the drying effect of DHA, we use special emollients that leave the skin feeling nicelmoisturized,without adding any Aloe Vera. Aviva Labs sunless solutions are oil-free and dry in seconds-not minutes.


2.         Fragrance is used to mask chemical smells.

Nearly every sunless solution has a fruity or flowery smell. Often it is so strong it nearly overpowers your clients. This is because manufacturers use fragrance to mask the chemical smells of the ingredients, such as DHA.                  -AVIVA Labs is fragrance-free, but this doesn't mean that it smells like chemicals either. Our solution is the only virtually odourless formula on the market.


3.         The fewer the number of ingredients, the better.

Many sunless manufacturers add lots of extra ingredients that don't contribute to the performance. Skin experts agree that every additional ingredient increases the chance of allergic reactions. You can't afford to risk your clients' health or your salon's reputation.                        -AVIVA Labs sunless solutions contain only 13 ingredients (only 10 in our Clear solution!). We have counted as many 33 ingredients in competitors' solutions. How many does your current solution have?


4.         You should be educated about the ingredients you are spraying on your clients.

Have you read the ingredients in your current sunless solution? We suggest that you never use products that do not have clear indications of the ingredients they use. Such products violate FDA regulations and put your business and customers in jeopardy! You should !  -AVIVA Labs proudly lists all of our ingredients on our website and they are prominently listed on our product labels. We even supply a handy ingredient glossary, at


5.          You should only buy sunless solution from reputable sources.

Would you be surprised to hear that just a few companies manufacture most brands of sunless tanning solution? Most brands are actually just resellers who private label under their own name. AVIVA Labs is the manufacturer. We own and operate our own R&D lab and manufacturing facility under strict quality   control standards,meaning consistent and reliable products every time


6.         You should avoid sunless solutions with alcohol.                                                                             Sunless tanning manufacturers who use Aloe Vera know they have a problem with slow drying times. They want a way to speed it up. Usually, they turn to alcohol to do the trick.   Unfortunately, alcohol also causes dry, itchy skin. This is not only terribly uncomfortable for your client, but can affect the resulting tan as well.          -AVIVA Labs solutions are 100% alcohol-free.       

7.         One DHA concentration does NOT fit all!

Many sunless brands offer only one DHA concentration. Whether your clients are very pale or naturally dark-skinned, you have no choice but to spray them all with the same solution. -AVIVA Labs formulates 8%, 10% and 12%DHA concentrations so you can provide your clients with their best possible tan. And we offer DHA Booster Drops if you need a darker tan.  Clients may not get enough colour-and you lose both types of clients.


.         Colour Guide (bronzer) is crucial to the resulting DHA tan.

You already know that the colour guide helps you see where you have already sprayed your client. but did you know that it also determines how the resulting DHA tan looks?  You see, the colour guide also let's you know when to stop spraying. When the client looks dark enough, based on the colour guide, you quit spraying. At that point, they must have enough DHA on their skin that when they wash of the bronzer.

-AVIVA Labs sunless solutions deliver the perfect balance of colour guide to DHA. Your clients should never experience the "post-shower" disappointment.

9.     As a salon owner, you SHOULD be concerned about your client’s health.

Many people choose Aviva Labs' products just for the beautiful results. But what also sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the long-term health of your skin.             -AVIVA Labs philosophy, Beauty Today Health For Life, pledges that the beauty should never be achieved at the sacrifice of healthy skin. Learn more at


10.       Erythulose is not FDA-approved.

Many brands of sunless tanning solution contain Erythrulose, an additive claimed to increase the duration of the tan. However, the only FDA-approved ingredient for sunless tanning is DHA.       -At AVIVA Labs we only use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients in accordance with FDA-regulations for safety. We do not use Erythrulose in any of our products.


                   AVIVA LABS organic tans contain only 13 ingredients








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