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Bentlon Beauty


                                 Bentlon Beauty, top quality equipment for salon and spa,

         Bentlon, a touch of Excellence,

    Made by Beauty Specialist,

    for Beauty Specialists.



The Bentlon chairs have ergonomic upholstery. Because of the ratios between the back, seat and leg section and the extendable foot support, the chair is not only suitable for tall people, but small people too find it very comfortable to sit in. You can feel that the upholstery adjusts to every movement and the whole body is completely supported.

There are a lot of different versions available. The height, back/leg, back of the knee/tilting and the leg

support can be adjusted separately on all chairs. You can choose from operation with one, two, three or

four electric motors.

Ref.6006Bentlon Bronze, 2 motors, lifts 200 kg, ref. 60046100: Bentlon Silver, 3 motors, lifts 200 kg,

ref.60025 Bentlon Gold, 3 motors, lifts 200 kg and ref.60050100 Bentlon Platinum, 4 motors, lifts 200 kg
Special options:
The Bentlon chairs can be fitted with relax vibration and chair heating,  paper roll holder, wheels, an

attachable manicure tray or the Lower Arm Support.


 NEW for 2014:: Bentlon Platinum, a 'Touch of excellence '

The most prestigious treatment chair available , 4 electro motors, 30 % more lifting power, new design,

-extremely stable, easy step in-step out, memory settings, multi-functional headpart, heated and or


Now with 2 years full warranty and 5 years warranty on manufacturers faults!















            Bentlon Podo- Pedicure,

                         Top equipment for the Chiropody Industry


                         Pedicure Chairs developped from practical experience-

40 years of developing experience and input of branch professionals make the Bentlon product ranges not only pleasant for the eye, but also extremely functional, incorporating a very high level of user-friendliness. Bentlon has become the benchmark for quality.  


Bentlon offers a broad assortment of products ranging from treatment chairs to treatment devices for beauty and podiatry and complete salon furnishing.

• Bentlon Beauty
• Bentlon Podiatry
• Bentlon Wellness
• Bentlon Manicure

Bentlon stands for its quality!





Developped after a major study among Pedicure, Podo and chiroptomists:

* Easy getting in and out: Special setting to make step in and step out easy

(chair tilted forward)

* Electrical height adjustment, higher than any other chair

* Back Support and leg Support

* Comfort.



Podo Bronze, an economical option with 2 electro motors


Podo Gold with 3 electro motors and patented Step in- Step out,


Platinum: The Ultimate Pedicure chair, 4 electro motors, easy step in/step out  

and many other options like wide lower arm support, wide leg support, memory etc.


All chairs are available in a range of colours and with foot or hand switch, Built-in Masssage

and/or heating.


Bentlon Pedicure units with or without spray:


  • Podo Bronze: very compact unit without spray. 9 setting up to 30,000 revs. Can rotate

clock ant anti clock wise.


  • Bentlon Podo Vacuum Gold:

If the file is used without the spray, the dust particles will spread throughout the work area.

Especially for working without wet techniques, Bentlon has developed a completely new

pedicure file with an extraction system, the Bentlon Podo Vacuum Gold.

| Product in the spotlight |

New! Bentlon Podo Gold Rotate
Professional podiatry chair with ability to rotate 180°. The ideal solution for

smaller practices.

























Wellness Couch Bronze

​The height of the Wellness Couch Bronze can be adjusted electrically so that your client can get on and off easily. The back section can also be adjusted electrically and can even be lowered 15° lower in the flat position so that the client is considerably more comfortable when lying on the stomach. There is a head support in the back section so that your client does not have to lie with her head turned sideways when lying on the stomach. The Wellness Couch Bronze is fitted with wheels so that it is easy to move. These can be folded up with a simple foot movement so that the couch remains firmly in position

Bentlon Wellness Couch Gold

Special 10 cm-thick high-quality elastic foam filling makes the couch extremely comfortable. The upholstery consists of seven sections, including adjustable armrests and a patented Bentlon head support that can be used when the client is lying flat.

3-dimensional adjustable head support
The patented Bentlon head support on the Wellness Couch can be raised, lowered and tilted. A unique feature is the possibility to adjust the head support both forward and backward. This adjustment option makes all conceivable positions possible and prevents the head support from causing any limitations. The head support also has an ergonomically-designed facial opening for added client comfort when lying face-down.

Arm support
As the rest of the couch, the arm support has a 10 cm-thick filling and can be adjusted continuously up to 14 centimetres.

The Wellness Couch Gold can be adjusted to a very low position (60 cm) to allow easy access for clients. The couch can then be raised electronically to the ideal working height (up to 90 cm). The back and leg rests can also be adjusted electronically. An electric foot control ensures smooth and easy adjustment. The Wellness Couch is also equipped with four small wheels for easy handling.

The Bentlon design and style of this new Wellness Couch is truly amazingly beautiful. The casing is constructed of solid wood and finished with a high-quality HPL top layer. This makes it not only beautiful to look at, but hygienic, easy to clean and both scratch and colour fade-resistant

The wooden casing is available in six different colours, varying from white and light wood, to medium-dark, dark and black wood. The couch upholstery is available in white, black, Dakar beige and grey and is made of high-quality polyurethane imitation leather. The surface is both easy to clean and water-repellent. It retains its beauty, suppleness and shape, even when adjusted back to the starting position. You can put together your own unique Wellness Couch by combining your favourite colours for the wooden casing and upholstery. All combinations are possible!

Options In addition to the standard options offered by the Wellness Couch, there are a number of additional options that can be selected. One such option is seat heating. This is not only especially pleasant for clients, but also energy saving because the temperature in the salon can be set a few degrees lower, creating a pleasant working climate for the specialist. Another option is the built-in massage system. This system features three different programmes that vary in intensity, and with the additional option of partial massages.

Prestige Relax Couch

The client can enjoy a break on the Prestige relax couch. The client is very comfortable thanks to the preformed curves.

The cushion is available in the same colours as the cover of the massage bed. The relax couch is also attractive to look at









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