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Laneche Skin Care, Beauty Innovations for you!





The Products:


A full range of natural plant based skin care products with many specialized treatments! The Laneche skincare products nourishes the skin with balanced ingredients and also stimulate the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself.
Fantastic products for a reasonable price,  full of pro-vitamins, vitamins, co-enzymes and a large amount of other natural plant extracts that activate and revitalise the skin, resulting in a better structure and slowing down the ageing process.



The Treatments:


Laneche not only has a complete assortment of specialist skin care products but with the unique Beauty Innovation Treatment Programm a personal treatment plan is drawn up to put your customers skin in top condition


The Beauty Innovation Treatment Programm:


has 5 levels with different treatment options within each level:

Level 1:  Conditioning, Level 2:   Stimulating, Level 3:  Optimising

Level 4: Completing and Level 5: Perfecting.








The Different Skincare products:


Hydra Plus:                         with Panthenol and Pentavitin not only hydrates but also stimulates cell respiration.


Balance Control:             restores the skins balance using a multitude of plant extracts like Allantoin and Bisabolol.


Skin Improvement:      with active ingredients such as Bisabolol, Allantoin and Revitalin which brings active oxygen into the skin.


Collagen Booster:           the Vitamins, Pro-vitamins and plant based deep working Micro-Collagen to nourish and stimulate the skin.


Repair Complex E:         with Vitamin E and Revitalin, to lsow down the ageing process and improves the blood circulation.


Oxy-Therapy:                    this will improve cell oxygen absortion giving the skin a fresh and radiant complexion. Includes ceramides.


Q10 Nutri-lift:                   the Q10 to stimulate to skin and Pentacare for a lifting effect  for skins that is losing its firmness and suppleness.


Retinol Pro Formula:  for slack skins and deep rimples/. The Vitamin A, Micro Collagen and Algea extracts to improve the skins

structure. In combination with Creamide Liposome complex, the time release system gives off the ingredients.

Eye Lift:                                the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and deserves care with specially developed Eye Care products.   


Special Treatments:     includes Eye Lift Replenishing with fleece pads, Biomatrix Fleece masks, the Spa Algae lifting mask and the

strong modelling mask These form a welcoma change and gives the skin additional stimulation.


Special Care Serums:  To give your skin extra care, you can use the Special Care serums for additional care.



Special Care Hyaluron serum.

Special Care Calming Serum

Special Care Vitamin E Serum

Skin Recovery Serum




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