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Laneche Natural Skincare- 


        Beauty   Innovation Treatment  Program        

       Bring your skin condition to the next level! 



Based on the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program your Lanèche  Beauty Expert  can create a personal treatment plan to bring the condition of your skin to a  top level!





Use the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program as a guideline to improve your skin condition and bring it to a higher level with both salon treatments as the skin care products for home use.

Each level contains specific skin care and treatments that train your skin to reach the next level!

The Beauty Innovation Treatment Program distinguishes 5 levels.











                                                   -Level 1. Condition

With the treatments in level 1 the skin is brought in good condition and prepared for more intensive treatments from the higher levels.


-Level 2. Stimulate

 To stimulate the results from the level 1 treatments, the treatments from level 2 bring                       extra active ingredients with the Eye Lift products and fleece masks.



 -Level 3. Optimize

 At level 3, the skin has reached a condition where additional active ingredients can be used           will start the skin to revitalize itself from the inside. Special treatments and skin products are used at level 3.


-Level 4. Complete

 Level 4 treatments bring an extra dimension to the treatment plan by keeping the skin al                   boosting the results from level 3 treatments.


-Level 5. Perfection

 With these luxurious treatments the skin can reach a top level. For variation level 5 treatments can be alternated with treatments from level 4 or even 3, to keep the skin active

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