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Pui Pui Make-up



Pui Pui Make-up -highlights Beauty!

Chic and luxurious, with a tough edge, Pui Pui is a make-up with charisma, classy, powerful, mysterious, glamorous or natural and with the right look for every season!

















Pui Pui make-up stands out because of its high-quality Italian properties combined with its chic appearance, making it a true eye catcher! Pui Pui, the professional make-up to create the right look for any occasion.

The Pui Pui range consists of a complete range of products, a base for beautiful make-up and sufficient colours to give it a personal touch.


All Pui Pui products are dermatologically tested, and are therefore suitable for all skin types. Pui Pui make-up is rich in vitamins A and E, which nourish, hydrate and revitalise the skin in a natural way. The range also includes a number of mineral-based make-up.


             Pui Pui Make-up: The  Face:

  • Cover Skin Conceiler to soften lines and camouflaging skin imperfections                        

  • Stay Real Foundation, a light liquid foundation with exceptional coverage

  • and that stays perfectly all day long

  • CC Cream Colour Correction, a very soft and airy foundation combining

  • the effective foundation with a nourishing anti-ageing cream

  •  Pui Pui Face Primer , the perfect base for your make-up,

  • Stay Real Compact Foundation minimises blemishes and provides exceptional

  • coverage with a mattifying effect and a silky soft appearance.


    Pui Pui also offers mineral based make-up that is very suitable for  sensitive skins.

  • Natural Touch blusher in 4 colours,    

  • Stay Real bronzing powder made from micronized powders for a sophisticated

  • silkiness on the skin.

  • Perfect Glow Highlighter emphasis your  beautiful facial features



            PUI PUI Make-up: Eyes for a natural, classy, mysterious or party look!

  •  Pui Pui Eye Pencils are soft waterproof eye pencils with a high colour release and                                  

  • and a beautiful result, the rich creamy texture feels silke soft and contains VitaminE

  • Mineral Eye Liner are fluid eyeliners, rich in pigments for a long lasting result

  • Eye Shadows are satin soft pearled eye-shadows with a shining brightness for an intense

  • colour. Available in single, duo or quattro box.

  • Mascara's in Extreme Lashes waterproof, Revolutionary Volume or Intense Glamour.

  • Eyebrow Powder, the ideal solution for accentuating or refining the natural arc of

  • the eyebrows.




                 PUI PUI, Lipsticks and Nailpolish:


  • Moisturizing Volume Lipsticks have been enriched with active ingredients for a

  • voluninous,

  • wet look effect, in 10 different shades

  • Super Stay Finish Lipsticks are colour fast and long lasting, up to 8 hours!

  • Fabulous Shine Lip gloss for supple, hydrated lips with a brilliant shine with pearled

  • agents, 6 different colours

  • Lip pencils, Sensational lips lip pencils have a creamy, rich and velvet texture.

  • Glam Nails care: high performance top coat to seal the nail colour for an extended

  • brilliant shine. It has a protective long-lasting effect and limits colour fading.

  • Glam Nail Polishes are the finishing touch. The special formula gives nails immediately

  • a high gloss and a 'gel look' finish, available in 12 colours


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