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                                           TEA TREE Oil Products  & WAX f                                                          from

                                              Outback Organics




Outback Organics is an Australian company that financially supports indigenous communities by buying the plants and fruits from the people who harvest them - " FAIR TRADE"

Our organic Tea Tree products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, SLES, mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and propylene glycol. None of our products have been tested on animals and are free from harsh synthetics and made-made chemicals and uses Organic Active ingredients!

Nowadays we are no longer content with purchasing a product just to pamper ourselves, we feel the need to go backto nature to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. To do this we need to protect the environment the plants have been grown in and the local people who have harvested them ( FAIR TRADE)


The exotic Australian fruits and plants chosen to enhance our range are obtained from an Australian Company called Outback Spirit ™ who work with Australian Indigenous people in often remote, wild and economically disadvantaged regions of Australia, respecting traditional culture and knowledge.  

Discover your own ‘Dreamtime’ with Outback Organics, a complete range of natural products with pure organic tea tree oil - nature’s strongest natural known antiseptic for all your skin care needs.
Organics Tea Tree products contain NO Parabens, Sodium lauryl sulphate, SLES, Mineral oils or Synthetic fragrances. Now you can have an ORGANIC tea Tree range at a very competitive price!






This New Organic Tea Tree range contains the following products:


* Pure Organic Tea Tree Oil in 10 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml glass bottles,

* Hand and Body Lotion for after-waxing to help prevent And cure in-growing hairs with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Macadamia Oil and Anisata,

* Skin Wash for hands, face and body with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Mountain Pepper Ex-tract and Peppermint Oil To cleanse the skin without drying 

* Face Cream with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Desert-Lime Extract and Macadamia Oil to leave the skin brighter and fresher but with a matt non-shiny finish, Hand and Foot Cream with Organic tea Tree Oil and Macadamia Oil to leave cracked hands and heels hydrated and silky soft.  

* Face & Body Scrub: This scrub loosens dead skin cellsand will improve the texture of the skin. Contains Bergamot orange,Sandelwood, Patchouli and rose, combined withJojoba micro-beadsto give e gentle exfoliation. Enriched with organic Cucumber extract, it will leave your skin deeply cleansed and invigorated. 

* Ingrown Hair Serum: 8 ml roller ball.

* Spot Stick 8ml with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Witch-Hazel extract and Sandalwood, ‘magics’ away spots without drying the skin   

* Natural Deodorant with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Sandalwood, Anisata and Zinc-Ricinoleate to absorb odours instead of blocking sweat glands. Gentle enough to use after underarm waxing   

* Natural Shampoo enriched with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Bush Mint Oil and Peppermint Oil to leave the scalp and hair feeling revitalised and refreshed   

* Conditioner with Organic Tea Tree Oil, Citricial (grapefruit pith) and Bush Mint Oil to restore lustre and de-tangle the hair. (The perfect combination for keeping head lice at bay).



Organic Tea Tree Waxing Products: 

* Wipes with Organic Tea Tree Oil to use as a pre-wax wipe and to disinfect all areas of the salon.          

* Cream Wax with organic Tea Tree Oil, an excellent high quality cream wax, in Jars of 425 gr and

Tubes 75 gr.



Cream Wax 425 gr. jars:

Australian Organics Cream Wax is made with pure organic tea tree oil. It is a soft, non sticky wax that

adheres more to the hair than to the skin leaving a wonderful hairfree finish.


Intimate Waxing Products:

Banish post wax bumps and blemishes with BUSH BALM. Bought to you from Down Under by Organics Tea Tree! This revolutionary range is set to take the waxing world by storm. Without Tea Tree but with other beautiful Australian Botanics that are gentle enough to use straight after Intimate Waxing. These highly effective and active products have been developed alongside the International Waxing Guru ANDY ROULLIARD!


Peelable Waxes:

our 'third generation' peelable waxes are the latest addition to the Outback Organics Wax family and are the most up to date waxes on the market. Easy to use soft peelable waxes which are applied in a tin layer and removed by hand without the need for paper strips.

*  True Blue: a gel like  wax that spreads like melted butter, great for short, stubborn or shaved hairs.

*  Fair Dinkum: a lovely smooth creamy texture, extremely fast drying. Ideal for short hairs and sensitive skin.

*  Gold Standard: The New Outback Gold Peelable Wax is tough on hair but gentle on the skin and SUPER easy to  use. With The Gold standard, hair removal becomes a truly luxurious Beauty Treatment!












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